The platform for
cooperation in
the Feed Supply chain


FlowNxt consists of two modules: Feed2Connect and Feed2Control. Feed2Connect offers you the benefits and convenience of just a single ERP link with the systems of your logistics service providers.



As a shipper or carrier, you have direct access to vital data to further optimise your production and logistic processes and enhance service levels for the end customer.



Data Exchange

  • The data platform enables data exchange between users and helps you make smart strategic operational management choices and decisions
  • Automatic updates can be sent and received about, for example, the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the first or last mile
  • Additional possibilities to further optimise production and transport processes: add data vital to these processes such as the current traffic situation, weather forecasts, animal growth cycle, customer ordering behaviour, order details, planning and much more
  • No additional investments in systems by logistics service providers and shippers. One link is all it takes between you and your logistics service providers


Control centre

  • A dashboard with a real-time overview of all outstanding orders and linked transport assignments
  • Easy and immediate insight into the performance of all your carriers
  • Optimise your business processes: make strategic choices and improve operational processes based on your data
  • Improve the customer experience by proactively providing real-time customer updates on estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • Fulfil customer needs: advanced applications enable real time tracking of loads
  • Bring added quality, service and safety to on-site performance
  • Insight into transport data such as the number of kilometres and tonnages transported per trailer


  • FlowNxt is ready to use: You invest in a single IT solution rather than multiple IT links and systems
  • The performance indicators of all your carriers are presented in a single overview
  • Receive accurate updates of the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of vehicles for loading or unloading raw materials or products
  • Real-time insight into the status and location of your transport
  • The data provided offers you insight to organise your production processes more efficiently.


  • Proactively supply your clients with all the necessary information
  • Automatic order entry reduces administration costs
  • Make contact with compound feed manufacturers and expand your network

About FlowNxt

FlowNxt brings cooperation between compound feed manufacturers and transport companies to the next dimension and helps operators increase their efficiency levels. The FlowNxt platform facilitates data traffic and oversees and manages the entire supply chain of manufacturers and carriers active in the Feed sector.


Our motto

The primary focus of FlowNxt is on companies active in the Feed sector. FlowNxt provides tools and input to companies so they can boost their success in this demanding and dynamic market. FlowNxt can also provide an efficient and easy-to-use solution for the Food and Fuel sectors.

Our vision

FlowNxt presents clear and easily accessible data to increase the efficiency of your production and transport processes. Giving you the assurance of fast and flexible delivery of your products with high service levels.

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