Linked with FlowNxt in three steps

For you as a manufacturer, linking to the FlowNxt data platform is easy. And you don’t have to concern yourself with all the fine details. We manage the entire process, from the inventory to the link, leaving you to focus on other aspects:

Step 1: Inventory

If you want to join FlowNxt, first of all we inventorise what is needed to link your systems to the data platform. The FlowNxt platform uses Feed2Connect: a data exchange platform. The Feed2Connect module is the key to becoming part of the FlowNxt platform. It has been developed from the user’s perspective.

Step 2: Create the link to FlowNxt

Once the inventory has been completed and it’s clear how you want to connect your systems to FlowNxt and which data is relevant for your specific situation, our specialists will start to create the link. We take the lead to ensure that joining FlowNxt is a frictionless process. Leave the integration to us, so you can focus on your core business and are linked to to FlowNxt quickly and smoothly

Step 3: Leverage the power of data

Are you linked to FlowNxt? Then leverage the power of the available data. The FlowNxt modules help you work towards even greater efficiency and higher service levels.

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