A single data platform for your complete supply chain

Your customers need to have their compound feed products delivered on time. And the raw materials and additives you need to produce compound feed must be available at the right moment. Completing and coordinating this complex logistic puzzle requires effective and accurate planning. Our FlowNxt data platform offers you insight into your supply chain.

Supply chain optimisation

As a manufacturer, you must constantly think ahead and anticipate to satisfy your customers’ needs. FlowNxt, the data platform for compound feed producers and carriers, enables you to optimise your response. This platform can facilitate the distribution of compound feed, but also, for example, the transport of raw materials, liquids and fertilisers. The FlowNxt platform brings together your data traffic with the carriers of all these commodity flows. We link this data for you in a clear dashboard that shows you instantly which of your orders are linked to a carrier and the location of your commodities.

Easy to use

  • Step 1: Register on the FlowNxt platform
  • Step 2: We integrate your software applications into the data platform
  • Step 3: You are linked! From now on, your complete logistic process is bunded on a single platform and you benefit from all the advantages of FlowNxt

Optimise your production processes

FlowNxt offers you insight to organise your production processes more efficiently. For example, Feed2Control and geofencing enables real time tracking of the vehicles on their way to load or unload. So that you know the precise arrival time of the trailer at your production site. Is the vehicle delayed? No problem. You can anticipate and respond to avoid any unnecessary production downtime and keep your processes running smoothly. Knowing the time of arrival of each vehicle at your production site helps further reduce waiting times for drivers, while maintaining the speed and flexibility of your deliveries. In addition, the data can also improve the utilisation of the ready product silos, for example.

Increase predictability of production processes using data

FlowNxt offers much more. It generates high volumes of data to optimise your production process. You know exactly which customer has ordered a certain product at what time. As a result, the peaks and troughs in the ordering process are clearly identified. That data can be utilised to increase the predictability and efficiency of your production process.

Data security

To support you with our services, FlowNxt collects and connects data from multiple sources. FlowNxt devotes the highest priority to ensuring this data is used and saved securely. Our systems and practices are protected according to the latest and strictest standards. We also ensure that your data is always up-to-date, accurate and available.

The benefits of FlowNxt

  • You are linked to all your logistics partners using just one system
  • Real-time insight into the location of your compound feed products or raw materials
  • You can optimise your operational processes
  • First and last mile information for manufacturers, carriers and end-users
  • The performance indicators of all your carriers are presented in a single overview
  • All your logistic processes are clearly combined in a single system
  • Automatic order entry reduces administrative tasks and the risk of errors
  • FlowNxt is ready to use: You invest in a single IT solution rather than multiple IT links and systems
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