About FlowNxt

About FlowNxt

How can cooperation between manufacturers and carriers operating in the compound feed industry be optimised? And how can collaboration be facilitated? The solution: the FlowNxt data platform.

What is FlowNxt?

Manufacturers and transport companies each face their own logistic challenges and issues. Manufacturers and carriers all stand to gain from a well-organised form of cooperation.  The data platform facilitates planning and management of transport and logistics and enables communication with end users in the form of first and last mile information. FlowNxt provides a full service experience that frees up participants to focus on their core business instead of logistic issues.

Simple digital data exchange

At its core is a single link between the systems of compound feed manufacturers and carriers, which brings all the information together on a single platform. The technology links all possible data sources, enables data exchange and translates the information into understandable output for all parties.

Functionality FlowNxt

  • One single link for automatic data transfer between manufacturers and all their carriers
  • Real time insight into your logistics activities
  • Independent data platform
  • Data provides insight to increase efficiency of production and transport processes
  • You can focus on your core business

Do you want to improve your visibility, optimise work processes and production processes, and increase customer satisfaction, efficiency and sustainability? We present the solution: FlowNxt!

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