Increase the efficiency of your transport company

A high load factor and optimal deployment of your fleet capacity. This is the ideal daily scenario for every carrier, but as you know, achieving this is easier said than done. FlowNxt offers you a solution that can increase the efficiency of your fleet.

How FlowNxt works

  • Step 1: Register on the FlowNxt platform
  • Step 2: We integrate your software applications into the platform
  • Step 3: You are linked! From now on, you can offer your customers – and their customers – optimal transparency and insight and benefit from all the advantages of FlowNxt

What are the practical benefits for me as a carrier?

FlowNxt not only facilitates planning and management of your fleet, but also communication with the end customer about first and last mile information, for instance. You can inform the customer of the expected time of arrival and send a message when you arrive on site or leave. The data platform optimises the entire process between producer, carrier and end customer.

The benefits of FlowNxt

  • Proactively supply your clients with all the necessary information
  • Automatic order entry reduces administration
  • Connected with all your clients using just one system
  • All the information combined on one platform, you invest in a single IT solution rather than multiple IT links and systems
  • Access data for first and last mile reports
  • Expand the reach of your business by cooperating with manufacturers active in the sector
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